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Free Download of Login as User Pro v3.5.9 for Joomla. This plugin makes it easier for admin users to log in as a specific user on the front end. It is useful for websites where an admin user must determine whether a user exists.

The "Login as a User" button in the Users list
With the aid of this plugin, admin users can log in as a particular user on the front end. It is helpful for websites where the admin user must determine whether a user can see their order(s) correctly, whether a form was correctly filled out, whether there are any problems with a user's personal information, etc. In order to replicate any issues and help the user, the Admin user will have access to all of this data as the external User. 

Assign a number of Admins to particular User Groups
Select the administrators who have access to a particular User Group's Login as User feature. 

Login System
Select your login method from Joomla! core, K2, or ExtendedReg. The parameter "Enable K2 User Profile" in the K2 settings needs to be enabled if you choose K2. 

Send an email to the admin

Every time a user logs in from the backend using the "Login as User" plugin, send an email to the administrator. To receive all the necessary notifications, enter the administrator's email address (for instance, info@yourdomain.com). (If you omit this field, the component uses the global configuration's default email.) 

URL Redirect following Login
After successfully logging in as a specific user, enter the URL or pick a menu item that will redirect the admin to the front end. 

Displayed Text
Choose the displayed text that you prefer.
For instance, "Login as%s," "Login as User," "Login as Client," etc., where the variable%s corresponds to the Username of the User). 

Custom CSS Style
The Login as User text should be styled to match your website's style using the CSS you entered. 

Adaptable to third-party extensions 
- Complete compatibility with HikaShop.
The "Orders" and "Customers" pages now both have a "Login as User" button.
- Completely J2Store compatible.
The "Orders" and "Customers" pages under the Sales menu now include a "Login as User" button.
- Complete compatibility with OS Membership PRO
The "Subscriptions" and "Subscribers" pages now have a "Login as User" button.
- Complete compatibility with Community Builder.
The "User Management" page now has a "Login as User" button.
- Completely VirtueMart compatible.
The "Orders" and "Shoppers" pages now both have a "Login as User" button. 

Main Features

  • Fast and Easy
  • Check Front-end as a Specific User
  • Inform Admin via Email
  • Assign Multiple Admins to Specific User Groups
  • Displayed Text
  • Custom CSS Style
  • URL Redirect after Login
  • Personal Details
  • and more

Download Login as User Joomla Extension with NullScript

Live Demo: View Demo

Download Link 1: Download 1
Download Link 2: Download 2
Download Link 3: Download 3

Download without charge Please log in to access the premium Pro Joomla Extension by Web357. For front-end login as a specific user, use the Login as User Pro nulled addon. 

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