WooCommerce Availability Scheduler v12.4 By NullScript Plugin

The WCAS allows you to manage the availability of all your products by scheduling them throughout the week. You will be able to select a time range for each day of the week (Monday through Sunday) when your products will be available for purchase, as well as automatically hiding/showing the "add to cart button" (and optionally the product) on shop and product pages, as well as displaying a custom message and a countdown timer. Furthermore, product daily availability may be limited by total daily sales.

Install and configure the Envato updater plugin: https://goo.gl/pkJS33 to receive automatic updates.
The official guide explaining how to configure it can be found at https://envato.com/market-plugin.

The WCAS plugin allows you to display custom messages on both the shop and product pages.
Inform your customers why certain products are not available for purchase and when they will be able to use the [start time] and [end time] shortcodes directly in custom messages.

WCAS also provides the option to limit product purchase availability based on user roles. In this manner, the shop admin for a specific day of the week (Monday through Sunday) can set a specific time range and limit the purchasing capability to only a subset of users.

With the WCAS plugin, you have the option to show countdown timers that inform your customers of how much time is left before the start of their purchase, the end of their purchase, or the expiration date and time.

You can specify an expiration date and time for each product using the WCAS plugin. The product will automatically become hidden and unpurchaseable after this date and time (set as "draft"). The product may alternatively still be set to be visible (but it will be unpurchasable).

Additionally, you can show a countdown clock to the expiration date and messages that will appear before and after the expiration date on the shop and/or product pages.

When products are set as "draft," WCAS can automatically hide them during the "unavailable" period and only display them during the "available" period.

The WCAS also provides the option to set a maximum daily sales amount after which the product will no longer be available for purchase (or hidden, according to the Hide product during unavailability option).
The shop administrator can also show a nice progress bar that shows the day's current sales progress. The options menu allows for customization of bar colors.

The WAS plugin makes available a few shortcodes that can be used in pages, product descriptions, etc. This is the list:
1. [was_expiring_datetime]: Prints the product's expiration date and time. It can also be used as a parameter for "id" and/or "format" to print the expiration date and time of a particular product with a particular formatting. For instance:
[was_expiring_datetime id=”12” format=”d/M/Y”]: Will only print the day, month, and year, for example: "27/Nov/2015," when printing the product's expiration date and time with ID 12.
2. [was_start_time]: displays the product's current day's start time. It is optional to use the "id" parameter. An illustration is [was_start_time id=”12”]
3. [was_end_time]: displays the current product's end time for the current day. It is optional to use the "id" parameter. An illustration is [was_end_time id=”12”].

Main Features

  • Countdown Timers
  • Custom Messages And Shortcodes
  • Expiring Date Time
  • Day Unavailability By Day Total Sales
  • Unavailability Period
  • Bulk Edit Availabilities
  • Responsive Design
  • Simple and Variable Products
  • and more

Download WooCommerce Availability Scheduler Plugin For Free

Live Demo: View Demo

Download Link 1: Download 1
Download Link 2: Download 2
Download Link 3: Download 3

Vanquish's WooCommerce Availability Scheduler WordPress plugin is available for free download on Codecanyon.

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